Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Good morning! It's such a beautiful day - it's almost like spring again. It almost disarms a person to forget what preparations they've made mentally, bracing for the winter cold. Likewise, as I'm coasting on a spell of good mood, I'm almost tempted to put aside my newly born resolution for another day. That's not happening though, have no fear.

Anger is a waste of time.
There was a time when I stated 'I don't believe in anger, it's a waste of time.'  Because more often than not, it isn't constructive. And selfish. When I get angry, I either turn against the person and become incredibly ice-cold, and emotionally I've locked away the parts of me that might get further injured if I leave them out vulnerable. My anger doesn't usually last longer than a few minutes, it's a bright flash and then just as quickly transforms into hurt.

Angers you, conquers you.
One of my favourite quotes for years and years - "He who angers you, conquers you." I've used this to counsel many people over these years, about not letting people who don't matter get under your skin. Once they've angered you, you've let them affect you, and they've got the upper hand. If they don't matter, then why should what they say or do really affect you?

My problem however, is that it's the people who I do care about - who are so close to me that they have the ability to spark the wire to my temper.

What are the situations I find that spark this temper?

  1. Low tolerance for stupidity/nonsense. 
  2. Impatience. 
  3. Resentment.
  4. Expectations - a person who should be able to be more understanding, not understanding.
  5. Expectations - hoping a person would say or do something, and not.
  6. Being crowded in my personal space. I need breathing room.
  7. Being slighted - ignored, told off, treated like a doormat.
  8. Being unappreciated.

And the list might go on, I'm still thinking so that's going to be another post for another day. *sigh*



    Hugss miss angry ::nina ::rose ::rasgullah and ::chilly paneer ..

    1. :D Thank you Isha, for commenting. :D

  2. offers Miss HMK some green tea :D

    i wouldnt worry too much .. your anger is uniquely you ... some of the anger is actually quite necessary ... to blow off some steam and relieve the pressure inside you ( you dont want your brain to be pressure cooked now do you :L) ... and sometimes to let the other person know that they've either hurt you or did something stupid that was not expected from the other person :D

    1. That's true also :/ Oh boys I got my work cut out for me.

  3. Being angry upto some extent I think is not wrong...it is wrong when its gets harmful either for us or the other person... and yes sometimes it is important for us to get angry for it acts as an outlet to the inbuilt emotions.

    Lovely quotes...thanks for sharing! <3

    1. I agree :) It is afterall a defensive mechanism instilled in us for survival... so yes, exactly what you said, Me. Thank YOU for reading :)