Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dear Life

I have clean water. In fact I simply have water. And, I have food to eat. Sometimes I get hungry in between meals (three in a day!), and I even have snacks. I have heat to keep me warm, and a bed and pillow to rest my head on.  I have clothes, enough that I can change into a different outfit everyday for a few months before I'd start having to wear the first one again. I'm able to double my socks when it's an extra cold day, and tie a scarf around my neck with a hat to boot. I've got so many shoes that I can open my own shoe museum, and I don't even wear most of them.

I have the luxury to dream, and even more so to even be able to cry and worry when my hopes don't come to pass. I have the time to daydream, to idle away time staring at the clouds and count the stars. I have the luxury to admire the weather, and enjoy the cold harsh rain or snow from the comforts of a warm shelter. I have the luxury to bathe in running heated water for as long as I wanted, and the luxury beautify myself.

Most of the decisions in life are about which outfit to wear, which toothpaste to use, which tea to drink, which book to read. Whether to set the heat on high or medium, or whether I should decry my state of mind while having the luxury to do so on a computer. I have the decision to do so on my laptop or desktop.  I have the option of exercising, because not only do I have enough to eat, but I get time to devote to caring about my body.

I have the luxury of being attended to by medical professionals if I have as much as an allergy or cough. I have the luxury of having emotions, feelings, of expressing them without fear or punishment. I have the luxury of having what I think considered and appreciated. I have the luxury of being appreciated, liked, and loved.

I have the luxury of being alive, in luxury.


  1. Indeed you do ... you also have the right to feelings, independent of whether a kid on the other side of the globe has access to drinking water or not ... by being you where you are, you didnt give up that right :D

    moral of da story: dont stop laughing or glaring just coz there are people who dont have the time to :)

    1. It isn't about sacrificing what I have because others haven't, it's about appreciating what I have.

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    1. We have so SO much to be grateful FOR, and simply because we were born into it :)

      Thank you (I don't know who to thank, so I'll just thank you)

  3. Those are such depressing pictures :/

    Reality does bite!!

    and I am grateful for my life and the people in it :)