Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Having started introspection - well, not really so much 'start' as it's always on-going - with the focus on my temper, I've delved to another level altogether in realizing that anger isn't so much the problem as is the root of it, my sensitivity.

This definitely should not - and does not - come as a surprise. I've always said that the one thing I'd change about myself is my emotional sensitivity.

Being overly sensitive is not, in itself, a bad trait but it is likely to lead you to assume slights that you imagined, or are not intentional. You will be easily hurt by comments and actions that are 'normal', that most people do not find hurtful. Misinterpreting constructive, everyday interactions can limit your ability to lead a happier life. -WikiHow.

I had just taken a break after writing the above, to kick the useless radiators that have not been working since the temperature has dropped. I'd turned the valves on the ends of the radiators in order to bleed out the trapped air, so as to, hopefully, fill it up with hot water that would then render the radiator useful.

There is some vulnerability in me that is unable to close of my emotional valves in certain circumstances. I don't know how to cut down how much I care without totally cutting myself entirely. All I know is this is something I'm on my own with.


  1. in the immortal words of one mr thomas vianna ... radiator mistry ko bulao :D (mistry = mechanic)

    if we were perfect - we wud be so borin ... its the kinks and imperfections that make us so appealing :D

    1. :D Thanks Fred :) You is sucha bambam patthar *rolleyes*

  2. I am also an emotional fool to quite an extent and that is something even I would want to change about myself!

    I can relate to what you wrote so much...(((hugs)))))

    1. Me :D I don't know why (maybe I do but I'd have to think more) but your presence/comments are SO comforting. Thank you :)