Thursday, August 09, 2012

Confessions of a Virgo

Yes, I admit it, I like clean.  But, c'mon! Who doesn't? It should be normal for people to like things clean.

I don't like admitting that I conform to the mold of what's classified as the "typical Virgo". I don't like conforming, period. I like being different and I like being unique. 

But, alas, it's true. I do like clean. I realized this quite emphatically yesterday evening, when I got home after a long day of work and travel. I relished the feel of being superbly scrubbingly satisfyingly clean after a scrubbingly satisfyingly good shower. I felt even better while doing the dishes, and afterwards, lazing out in luxury on my bed, stretching and feeling quite innervated with the joy of cleanliness.

Now, before you begin thinking I am indeed the nitpicking, fastidious, and fussy Virgo that those zodiac people like to outline, I beg you to take in the bigger picture. While I was stretching out on my bed, that very bed was unmade, there were clothes still on the bed, and I was sprawled upside down with my towel still on the pillows. 

Oopsie. Now I've done it. Now you're all thinking what a pig I must be. Am I a hypocrite? Oh, we're all hypocrites to a certain level.  

I mean, I love things organized and I do love things clean. If there is anything that's a turn off, it's someone with totally bad hygiene. Ugh.  But, I'm not a Hitler with things being perfectly orderly. (Although, I am refraining from pointing out someone who is...)

I love organizing things. One of my colleagues says, "I don't bother making things neat, because I know IQ will have an apoplectic attack and do it for me", which is true, because she doesn't even realize when things are messy. Recently, she was gone for 2 weeks on her vacation, when she returned, she returned to a big print out in capital letters, "KEEP THIS AREA CLEAN AT ALL TIMES, YES D THIS MEANS YOU." It goes without saying that within one day of her back, her desk and area was a catastrophe, and I don't know what it is, but each time I went by to talk to her, somehow without thinking, I'd tidy it up. 

I know, I know, I sound like I've got OCD. But it's normal, right? Not OCD - I mean, to have things neat. Ok, entropy aside. But it's not just me. It's not a fixation. But I don't mind acting as if it were. Take for instance, what she said, as quoted earlier, and I just hammed it up and then gasped - "Oh my GOD. Your floor mat is crooked! We need to fix this right NOW."

But yes, I like clean. 


  1. LOL, I love clean too! But I'm a Libra! ☺

    I have a friend and she organizes her entire closet according to the rainbow :P It's super-duper clean!

  2. *Stares at the damp towel on your bed and fidgets* :ehm

    1. :P

      It feels nice actually, when its hot and that cool damp towels on feets hehe. But yesh you may clean it up LOL

    2. Like I needed permission hmph ................. All done =]

  3. Dear IQ,
    I have always considered you a sensible girl. But lately, your increased interest in horoscopes and zodiacs have started to worry me. Please don't let them turn you. If you write up 12 character profiles and map them to people based on the birthday of the first ever chicken they ate (or whatever other random event) the distribution would still be the same. Hope I got my point across. Thank you.

    1. A few things obviously need clarification. First, no "increased" interest exists as you state. The interest has always been there, regardless of whatever your assumptions may be. Your perception of me in the little time you have known me is therefore only altered by your own assumptions, as my own state of being has not been altered as pertinent to the influences of zodiac and horoscopes. Your condescending approach to horoscopes and zodiacs being then transferred towards me is unacceptable. The context as manifested in the posts you have read which worry you are not results of influencing effects of this 'increased interest', but a manner of comparison for personal anecdotes as well as persona. The matter at hand is not a question of probability as regards the rule of zodiac, but the personal application as indicated in the content. Consequently, your "concern", however much appreciated it is (in the same tone you expressed it), is superfluous.

    2. hmmm ... anytime i ever doubt whether a wink, a glare, and a goofy conversation about pasta (both male and female) could lead to an almost perfect meeting of minds, i should come back to this reply.

    3. cooooool...

      *blink* *twice*

      increased interest = based on number of blog posts plotted against time

      perceptions are based on assumptions = universal truth. Even though I seem God-like, I am not omniscient. ::smoke yes, EVEN I need to assume

      "state of being has not been altered as pertinent to the influences of zodiac and horoscopes" = great, if you are sure

      purpose of comparison and application = ???

      tone = condescending on horoscopes n zodiacs, sure, but didnt know it would get transferred to you ... more worries... oh i get it, my words hurt people... after all I am a Gemini *rolleyes*

      *gets my armor and dictionary*
      *stabs myself with my pen -- Bulb, u're gonna pay for this*

    4. Damn, you were still alive to throw it away. Ok, I guess I get to finish the job ;)

      Increased interest = interest over time, not number of blog posts over time.

      If anything, the more mundane almost boring posts that are referenced to outside sources are more of a filler than actual content from the heart.

      If I start posting with increased frequency about something such as my love for water, that isn't correlative to an increased interest in the topic - those who know me well enough know that I LOVE water, and have for a very long time.

      In the same way you look on the random distribution of horoscopes with scepticism, you can look at the random occurrence of said topics. There are a variety of topics I could post, it remains happenstance that it's zodiacs.

      As to purpose - not everything has a purpose. For example, why am I friends with you? The answer is that it is just my misfortune. (If you believe that you need to stab yourself to death this time)

      This is how it works out. I am lazing on bed after a relaxing shower and relishing the effects of cleanliness. As I often do, I think. My thoughts lead me to the idea that whatever material I read about Virgos point to the fastidious nature that is attributed to Virgos. I am a Virgo; this is a fact by definition of when I was born and which dates are allocated to these zodiac signs. Accordingly, I share these thoughts on my blog. Obviously because you're 'Gemini' and thus are dual-natured and inconsistent/complex to an extent, and have a high sense of curiosity and admittedly some intelligence, you need to question and criticize me about almost everything. :P Your words might hurt people, but I'm not people. ;)

  4. Nerdy...not to trample you over with our stampede of words LOL.. and so you don't run outta the room in a huff : I read your comment...but, erm...I take it you agree? :/

  5. O_O

    Hmph I like that you like Horoscopes :ehm