Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things You Should Be Able To Say About Yourself: 4

4.  I am happy and grateful.

Goooood morning world! I can definitely tell you that today I am extremely happy and grateful. :D I woke up late, and had to rush, but I definitely woke up feeling awake. That's a feeling worth feeling!

Happiness is within you, in your way of thinking.  How you view yourself and your world are mindful choices and habits.  The lens you choose to view everything through determines how you feel about yourself and everything that happens around you.

If there is anything I have learnt, it's that I hold onto the decisions of being happy and being sad. There are times you feel that it just happens regardless of how much you try, and of course it does, we don't just press a happy button or flick a switch, although at times, I know it seems that way. But usually, our state of mind is about how made up we are about our minds. We hold onto sadness or anxiety because we continuously dwell on that issue, or refuse to let go of whatever it is. I'm an annoying optimist at times, and it's so like trying to push an inflated balloon under water and keep it there, it just keeps bobbing up. However, when I do get sad, it's like that balloon has been popped, and I drown. When that happens, I tend to have to pull my pieces together again, and I try to reach for air again. Because, even while I am drowning, I know that there IS air to breathe just there at my fingertips - all I have to do is try. 
We hold onto these little things that pull us down, and its usually in hindsight that we recognize that these things are not, or were not, important. How does one let things go, though? I'm not sure how to explain it really. It's just believing that things will work out, that whatever you do have thus far is plenty - and more than others have. If it's worthwhile, it will remain and work out.
Being grateful will always make you happy.  If you’re finding it hard to be grateful for anything, sit down close your eyes and take a long slow breath and be grateful for oxygen.  Every breath you take is in sync with someone’s last.

As I've mentioned before a few times, I often just think of the little happinesses in life. A ray of sunshine, a refreshing drink, an inside joke with a great friend. Just one little thing that could be so much. I often think to myself, what the hell are you moping for? You have so much more than others have. Some don't even get the chance to feel or dream or wish for something else. You're lucky that you can. Don't dwell on negativity, because you're giving it power when you do, and that's what makes it stronger. When you think positive, it's amazing how much easier things become.


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