Friday, August 03, 2012


It is a beautiful day. Nothing extraordinarily special about it exactly, but certainly filled with moments that are extraordinary on a level of their own.

I'm a bit hesitant to express this glee for the fear that once I do, it will turn right around and turn into something else. That fear of "jinxing" oneself or things. And as the thought surfaces, I ask myself if this is something I have always done, or if it's a habit I've picked up from someone I know who always does.

For the fact that this habit exasperates me to no end, because I want to shake them and say "JUST BE HAPPY FOR THIS MOMENT!" - that's what I'm going to mentally do to myself right now.

Aaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai. Ok OKKKKKK. I am happy!

The irony is, this is the same person who tells me, like a mantra, "One day at a time". By that credo, that should reflect back to not worrying about jinxing the next moment, right?

I guess we put my mantra in and their mantra in, shake it up for a good cocktail and.... be happy for this moment one day at a time. Cheers! Everything's gonna be okay!


  1. *hands the hot nerdy gal a double vodka shot*

    cheers and happy biking and happy weekend :D

  2. *Grins at you and nods knowingly* =]

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    1. Oho aha confidentthings you is huh

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    1. Hmph, you do know the time you takes to comments could be sleeping times for you *glare* but ok okkkk :P