Friday, May 17, 2013


Good morningggggggggg world!

Tis a beautiful day, with a whole load of randomly right reasons making it so: first the summer weather that has returned, the fact it's the Friday of a long weekend, it's May, and it's my fave number on the calendar! I haven't even had coffee yet.

In other news, we'd just been hit with an 4.8 earthquake. And in this part of the world, any earthquake at all however minuscule is big news (yes we're a fortunate bunch).

I've been waiting to introduce you all to the blog of one of my oldest besties - but she's been delaying her writing before it's even happened. Simultaneously, Wanderer has had way better luck with her best friend's blog actually being open for business ( Both these events have made me super excited over the last couple of days, because nothing beats hanging out with your best friend of almost a decade, and having them join you in something you love doing is awesome, along with having your 'childhood' best friend meet your other best friends :P

I'd share her blog url with you, but I'm waiting for her to start writing. Anyways, I'll still introduce you to her: Meet Angel. She's been a huge part of who I was in my phase between girlhood to womanhood. (I know I know, I'm still somewhere in between them but then again which female isn't?) - she's spent countless hours with me, having random conversations, giggling over the smallest things, sharing the biggest dreams, been there while I had my girlhood heart broken and, well since I've known her she's just been the friend who three simple words stood any test of time and has been our silent motto: "no matter what".

I can go on and on about her, and I think I'll save some of that for another time.. but I'm hoping this will have her peeking out from her hiding spot :P

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Who Is This Angel ! Who Is She ! Is She Hawt ! Lolz!

  2. Let me know when this Angel is oot and aboot... i will put on my decent face :D

    1. did u hear that laylaa and Roo ... that means mr smoke puts on his crap face for the rest of us :sad

    2. No he put on his cooking face :P

    3. beeeeduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :O :O :O :O time 2 hack ur bloggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::smoke

    4. he doesnt cook for us anymore :sleep

    5. Ijust did for Beedu :D cause she had a craving :P

    6. oi i have cravings everyday ..wheres mah food :O

  3. Can't wait to meet and read Angel :) *hugs* warm welcomeeeeee!

    And earthquake!!! Doesn't sound like there was much damage, but still, I hope everything is fine :)