Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Few Previews

I've been looking at songs lately to catch up with what's new as well as refinding old favourites. In the process, there are a few movies that are upcoming and I find that I can't wait to watch them.

1 -  Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. 

Obbviously. If you need to ask me why obviously, then you're new to me and my blog; Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor. Don't know why though, I'm a bit worried I'll be disappointed by this flick. It's already been making waves on the air too long, and for me, the initial excitement definitely wanes when something has just been on the hype for that long. I'm so proud of Ranbir for his awesome talent and movies of the past couple of years: Rockstar and Barfi. And after those two how can anything else meet the mark? I've been in the mood to rewatch a few favourites such as I Hate Luv Storys and Break Ke Baad, just for those small little idiosyncrasies that make me giggle, sigh or grin to myself, and Mr. Smoke told me that was because I was getting ready for Yeh Jawaani. But that's not true. I wasn't even thinking about Yeh Jawaani. And to be honest, aside from it being a RK starrer, I don't really feel thaaat excited for the movie. (Maybe it's the sauten vibes, ahem ahem Deepika). But, regardless, I do want to see it. For some reason I'm reminded of Anjaana Anjaani, and Bachna Ae Haseeno. And I liked them both. So we'll see.

2 - Besharam

The reason this is listed second is simply for the sake of continuity. Yes everyone. Ranbir AGAIN! And this time also with his parents,  Rishi and Neetu. Check him out ey. His name is Pepsi. "Na sammaan ka moh, na apmaan ka bhay". Just seeing him in this roop makes me definitely want to see how this movie pans out. Very less has been said already about the movie - at least to my mind- and that is a good thing. I know that's going to wane however seeing that the movie has yet lots of time for the hype to creep in. Fingers still crossed for an awesome RK performance, and one that won't be over-hyped with his parents' appearances either. Sigh.

3 - Lootera.

Again, I came across the trailer while idly listening to some other song on YouTube. From the first look I was gripped. I don't remember why really now, but I really want to see this movie. I think both Sonakshi and Ranveer are capable actors and so this is a pairing and screenplay I look forward to. By now you'll realize I'm saying very less about the actual plot or storyline I'm previewing here. And that brings to mind another reason I'm not so impressed with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:  the story already seems to be predictable just from the promos. Lootera does something different, like I said, it seems gripping. I hope that comes to be true, because I really haven't checked it out that thoroughly to say otherwise. 

4 - Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Again

Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan together. At last! I know I know, too many of y'all do not like these actors I like. But just this pairing alone makes me want to see the movie. That too, the movie which is a sequel to one I did not watch. (Or don't remember watching...). And again, Sonakshi stars in this  I don't know what the first one was about but I do have positive associations with the movie because of the soundtrack. I've yet to check out the songs for the movie properly but be assured I shall do so as soon as possible.


  1. I want to watch all of these too!


  2. Please post the release dates as well Miss.IQ, thank you kindly :P

    1. They are posted Mr. Smoke, kindly see pictures :P

    2. Kya re, if you click on the picture it goes big

  3. I wanna watch jawani deewani :smoke