Friday, May 24, 2013


I wrote this on the weekend and forgot to post it: Anyways what I was going to tell you was that for the last two days I had the company of a bee in my kitchen with me. Yesterday the poor thing zapped into the kitchen through a little gap in the mesh in the window. Then promptly forgot how it got in. Was flying away at the window and because it just goes to where the sun is, up, it's never flying down low enough to the bottom pane where the gap is. Today I was looking in the pantry deciding what to cook when I heard buzzing around me and I had tuned it out while thinking then finally heard the buzz right beside me and there it was beside me, hovering as if it were discussing with me what I was meant to cook. I made my decision and told it to get to the window and I'd show it where to go. The damn thing buzzed away and while I was washing the urad dal for dal makhni, it started its frenzied dance against the uppermost pane of the window. I sighed and rolled my eyes, and took up a small cutting board and tried to prevent it from flying up, guiding it slowly downward. The problem is, the window had that divider that separates the top wide pane from the bottom two panes, so by the time I'd guided the bee downward, it decided to stubbornly escape off to the side and go back to the top. So I let it buzz around while I finished the prep and then took a sifter so that it was like a net, and tried capturing it and sliding it downward. Still no luck. Finally after some time again, when the poor thing was just exhausting itself trying to escape I decided let me just take it in hand and guide it out. =)


  1. holy crap .... i would prolly have checked into a hotel for a few days to let the bee die by itself *shudders to think about a bee roaming around in the house*

    IQ: umm bhawnra jee shud i cook the urad dal or the whole moong ?
    Bee: IQ who gives a crap abt your human food - just let me outttttttttt i need my nectar :rolleyes ... and all my flowers are waiting outside :P

  2. I probably would've run around in circles thinking its chasing me and have someone else do the dirty work of smushing it :ehm yikess!!!