Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happiness (May Challenge Continues)

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

10. Snuggling up with a really good book. Because if I'm snuggling that means there aren't other things that I've got to tend to - otherwise I'd be doing them, and so I'd likely be without other worries at that moment.

9. That absolute sense of being loved I get from when my kitten sees me after a very long day at work, the way he shows he missed me and needs me.

8. Laughing and having crazy conversations with my friends. The most nonsensical and insane and random conversations totally make my day.

7. Cooking a really awesome dish (or two) and seeing those who eat it enjoy themselves to their fullest. Total satisfaction. 

6. Simply making anyone at all smile - giving them an unexpected kindness or just a smile and seeing their face light up. 

5. Bonding with a child, having those moments that are only able to be defined by who you are with a child. Being able to make them look up to you, their simplicity and ability to love without those grown-up qualms, those moments when they show their innocence and their intelligence and when their faces light up with understanding when you explain something new to them. 

4. Doing things for my closest and most loved ones...making them feel loved and doing the littlest or even big things just to see their smile, their happiness and joy.

3. Being outside on the most beautiful of days. That doesn't necessarily mean pure summer either, out in the first snow fall (or even the 15th), or walking in the rain...just communing with nature at it's best makes me happy.

2. Hearing or seeing my BestFriend laugh. He laughs so infrequently that it just makes me feel sooo happy to know I did or said something, however unintentional, or even if I didnt... to have him laughing noticeably. 

1. Wouldn't it be great if I could simply answer this last thing which makes me really happy with 'life'? I didn't think I could, but now that I'm considering all the things I've already listed... I guess perhaps I should. =)


  1. being alive (not just in the straightforward meaning) ... makes me ecstatic :D

  2. All of these things also make me happy :D Especially making others happy

  3. *Looks around*

    You already know what makes me happy hmphh

  4. 7. Cooking a really awesome dish (or two) and seeing those who eat it enjoy themselves to their fullest. Total satisfaction.

    yes yes :D

    1. :P I knew that would be your favourite.