Friday, May 31, 2013

Missing (May Challenge Continues)

Day 12: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

In continuity with my last post, it makes a lot of sense that what I miss are a lot of people who were once a big part of my life. There are several sized gaping holes inside of me where they once belonged, and some may heal, some have healed, and some shall never.

I miss these people, and I miss them along with the memories that accompany the who they were. Who they are is a memory in itself, and that fact is leads me into the path of missing them, for the contrast of before and after. 

But missing these people is a natural state of being. We possess memory for survival, and in missing someone and reminiscing, somehow we know what it is we miss, and therefore what it is we need and want, and sometimes that gives us a sense of direction in where we are today in life.

If it isn't too confusing to try to explain, I miss dreams as well. Not just dreams folorn and forsaken, left behind on that path of memory, but dreams of a future. Is missing then interchangeable with longing? When we dream and extend our minds to a future not yet tread, somehow we've already tread that path to that future and our self in the future somehow looks back to the past that is the present. Often we actualize those dreams and find that the coming together of past and future provides you the most ecstatic sensation ever - but I digress.

I digress, because as I am now, in this moment, is a superimposition of many dimensions: past, present, future, and I am hypersensitive, overly aware of the fluctuations of these threads. I miss many things and people of the past, and yet, I am already receptive to and cognizant of a frequency of the future, and I miss that as well. It's confusing and inexplicable. 


  1. i miss every single friend that has left and never really came back :)

  2. I was just thinking while in high school and Uni, I didn't worry or bother much about anyone or anything... I was free....Compared to now where I feel I'm responsible for everything Lol

    I'm not sure I miss those times or like how things are today but I'm content today =]

    Having said that, I do miss my old friends sometimes Lol

    1. :/ and inversely those were some of my most stressful times :P well even after .. but it has all settled down quite nicely :D

    2. *Makes you touchwood fast fast* :O