Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chance of Snow

So this week started off with horribly cold, wet and grey weather. This morning I wake at the crack of dawn and get up stretching sleepily, muttering to myself (in my mind).

I feel yucky. To elaborate, I feel miserably sick and tired and I roll the idea of calling in to work and telling them to make do without me. As that ball of thought rolls around my head, it seems to clear out any traces of sleep-induced cobwebs, and thus my mind refocusses with a new realization of the situation.

"What are you thinking?" I asked myself. "You, my sexy friend, are superwoman. You are not sick. You can't be sick. What are you doing thinking such cowardly, weak thoughts? Get up and be a woman!"

So I drag myself to the washroom and in the middle of some awesome teeth-brushing, the power goes out.

In the aftermath of my little pep-talk, I choose to ignore this strange occurence without a second thought, and continue to brush my teeth and finish up all the while in the the confines of that box of pitch-black darkness. Reaching for the soap and cleanser with adept acuity, I congratulate myself on my ability to establish self-fulfilling prophecies.

Then comes the shower. I open the door and let the lights from the outer windows peep through. Do I really want to do that in the darkness? I shrug, what other choice do I have? If I'm going to work I don't mean to reach there late. I tell myself that the power will come back at the count of 10.

I turn on the taps and begin my countdown. As I reach 1, the lights go on, yes please. I gently kick the door shut again.

Later, sitting at my desk and working away in beautiful silence, the phone rings. The receptionist tells me "Hi its me. IQ part 2 is here."

"HUH?!" I respond.

"Yes, IQ2 is here."

"My SISTER?! What is she doing here?!" I hang up and head down to the entrance. And lo and behold, my family decided to drop by and visit me in my glorified workplace because they were in the area.

I tell them hold on, and I zip back to my floor, grab my sidebag, and let the others know they are to cope without me and hold the fort.

So I take them out to get coffee while I explained the dynamics of what my work entails - or as much as I could without having to kill them.

And the day isn't even half done yet. Why didn't I just stay home?



  1. The answer to you question : Because you choose not to. Why? WILL POWER. :P

  2. True :D. It was rhetorical though :P

  3. Telling yourself "you my sexy friend .." somehow reminds me of george kostanza (google him).

    Did it actually snow :O ... and what is it with your place and the power going out :L

    1. Yes it actually snew :P And about the power going out.. long story involving Magneto's enmity with superspiderwoman :P

    2. BTW I remind you of "short, stocky, slow-witted, bald man"?!

  4. Reasons to have stayed at home:

    1)Imagine If the electricity hadnt come back ...and you walked out with some soap behind you ear kinda incident...:P
    2)Its a rainyy day ....snoozing again..bahhh....wonderwoman needs her beauty sleep!
    3)With lights out theres a chance of some peeping nerd lurking around( you know who it is:P)

    Reasons to go to work:
    1)If you were'nt at work today your family might have missed out!:P
    2)You got a break from work anyways...:P
    3) Later half of the day might bring in some good business!

    I'd say its 50-50

    Ps: Second psychic happening with you 1) As I reach 1, the lights go on, yes please. 2) I feel him coming ..Nerdyy has joined!...remember?:P
    Ps again: have you seen my toothbrush? ;D

    1. Lol kya baat hai :P and yes yes my psychic powers have already been established :P

      P.s. Since when have you HAD a toothbrush? :P

    2. I used to have one before they gave me dentures....now its just Smile Again cleaner..::biggrin

    3. I think i should start a comic blog...

  5. Lol. You should have stayed home.=]
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Yeah, in hindsight, I would have, 'cept for the family dropping in suddenly part. Oh well :D

  6. You should've come over to my place and helped me with chores and AA :P