Sunday, April 22, 2012


It's the strangest thing, I feel melancholy. And in so being, I was feeling somewhat subdued in that way that you don't feel like communicating at all. So I've been fooling around with the code on my blog and refining the appearance of it rather than contributing actual content, in terms of writing.

I think it must just be me, but I love memories. I think I can call myself somewhat of a memory hoarder. I like preserving things for the record and having them remain so that I can always look back and remember and relive those memories, in case one day you forget what it was you felt and how you reacted or what you were going through, the experiences.

Just as I hate losing people, I think I also hate losing these memories. I get this sad feeling in the same way that I feel sad when I see a tree that's always been there, everyday I've walked by it for years, cut down. Maybe I oughtn't to develop such attachments.

But it's hard, to remain detached. Especially for someone like me. I am probably too sensitive for my own good. And when I get to the point where it's not taking me forward positively but dragging me down negatively, I think to myself that perhaps I should stop caring. Caring so much? Caring at all.

The good part is, these feelings are tantamount to inspiration. So here I am writing it out for everyone to see and wonder. In a few hours I will probably have gotten over this phase of dejection and will be kicking myself and making myself laugh and by then all this will have been just a blink in time.

But like all memories, maybe it's better to remember, so as to learn.


  1. Dont stop caring coz then you wouldnt be the wonderful you - but yeah be a selective duck - memories that impede your progress should just be shaken away and left on the wayside like a duck shakes off excess water :)

  2. My favourite post by far :) Breathe it out.. Feelings like such are natural. It's what allows us to feel the most out of the happiest of our times. I guess, from an external viewpoint just gaze at how you feel and accept it's presence. This realization itself will help you come out of your phase. Feel better soon janu :)

    oh, n I love the quote!

    1. Ooo. Well, I knew while I was writing it that it was something that would blow over quickly. And yup, you're right on! :) Thankkkks ♥

  3. Feelings area unavoidable. Sometimes, it just happens. May be we could avoid them, but I have no such idea.
    But when we go back the memory lane we might find some nice memories which are nothing but just the feelings of happiness / sadness / anger/ or whatever. Some teach us, some make us sad while some angry.

    And caring is one of the best. No matter how the other person is, if we still care we are at an upper hand. At least we didn't abandon in the middle. All we did was care. It is for them to realize.

    Nice post, altogether. Short and elegant. :)
    Take Care.
    - AK

    (Btw did i write too much, out of context?)

    1. To you last question - not at all! :) I love when people take the time to say anything at all, that's time showing you care and that that I'm worth the effort for whatever few seconds it might have been, so I appreciate it! =]

      And yup, if we can accept happiness we ought to accept the sadness also =]

    2. Agree with what you just said ^ "if we can accept happiness we ought to accept the sadness also =]"

      And in terms of the post, I don't think you can ever care "too much", it's usually the other person who cares "too little". And it's better to care too much, then to not care at all. And once in a while, there are some douchebags who will take advantage of that. But as long as you can keep yourself happy, in the end, it's their loss :D

      And the little changes you added to your blog look amazing! :D
      Take Care

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    1. Pass meaning, you pass on commenting, or I pass in terms of your lil book of judgement LOL

    2. BTW ur blog is blocked to me also *kick*

  5. “Music is good to the melancholy, bad to those who mourn, and neither good nor bad to the deaf” --- Baruch Spinoza


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  7. “Music is good to the melancholy, bad to those who mourn, and neither good nor bad to the deaf” -- Baruch Spinoza


    1. Oho, I guess more so when people actually listen to links :P