Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kreativ Blogger Award

Oh god, I am the unlucky recipient of an award again! Haha, well okay, of course being considered for awards are great things, and being considered worthy of one is an awesome thing, but the irony is that good things come with a catch! And in this case it's the regular 92480248029840238 questions that come along with these blogger awards.

But before the person who awarded me sincerely thinks I hate him for it, I would like to clear that up and thank you Mr. IHeardYou, for the award and your....interesting (-_-) questions that I must answer.

So although I have to additionally tell you all 11 things about me, I'm going to first address Mr. IHY's questions... ahem.

1. Do you think it's unusual that we're the products of horniness of two people? You didn't answer this last time :P

No actually, I don't think it is unusual at all. It's simple biology, and as we're all hormone machines it's only logical that these hormones are those which induce us to be inclined towards such attraction and procreative activities in furthering our gene pool.

2. Forget about all your crushes and all, I wanted to know have you ever slept with anyone really or you just give free love advice? Actually the people I am nominating are wonderful people who don't advise at all ! :P No actually they're real sweethearts and advise only when asked to :D  So for them, I want to ask, what is your definition of love?

Love! You're asking me this?! Holy pakora, I can write books about this if I was capable of putting this into words. And boy have I tried! That's the whole point of me even having a blog really, because it's the recording of my feelings and thoughts and emotions and I pretty much LIVE for love (no exaggeration). So I can't define it, sorry...

3. If you become filthy rich what would you do with all that money? If you ask me I would try and help bring down suffering in this world. Honestly. What would you do?

I know, right? They say that this 'relieving suffering' answer is such a cliche. BUT IT'S NOT.  I already give part of each paycheque toward charity and so if I actually became filthy rich, I could only lessen the filthiness by sharing the burden of wealth to those who could do with some of that kind of actual water and soap, yknow.

4. What do you weigh more- Self respect or relationship? Why?

It's totally impossible for me to say either weighs more. They belong together and why? Because the fulfillment of my relationship is based on love and results in the fulfillment of my self-respect by being loved and considered worthy of loving and my self-respect is giving toward that relationship in such a way that it remains full of mutual respect and balance, to be constant and successful.

That said - if a relationship (not strictly that of the love kind) starts eroding on personal self-worth and becomes something less healthy, then it goes without saying such a relationship should not be worth its while if no other solution works, and of course then self-respect comes first.

5. You're feeling down from a very long time. Noting good has come your way from quite a long time. Would your faith in religion be still intact?

I don't think I have a faith in "religion" as such. I have a faith in spirituality, in the goodness of the self. I believe that what I put "out" into the world is what comes back around; consequently I try to be the best person I can be. At times I fall down pretty hard and become very depressed, but that only serves to come back around to kick me in my backside really hard. Nothing good will come out of just moping about. The smallest positivity in thinking is a small step, but then it gets better and better when you keep believing that it will. So I think I could say that THAT (circumstance as outlined in the question) should be the proof of my faith; if I doubt my faith, why should my faith believe in me?

6. Why do you think we love our family the most? Is it because of that special bond or just because we have become habitual of spending our lives with them for so many years?

Um, wait. Who says I love my family the most?

OK seriously. Family is that which we know first in our developing years. The idiosyncrasies, the habits, the bond established through continuous interaction is that which we are most familiar with. Like a teddy bear when a baby, or our comfort blanket, we have this psychological instinct to feel comfort with that which we know best. Additionally, we become who we are through those who brought us up - not just taught us, but who were around us when we grew into the adult we have become (or are becoming). So, when you look at family even if you do not realize it, you recognize subliminally that you are looking at yourself. Another point to think about: to say that the 'special bond' and the 'habit of spending our lives for so many years' are mutually exclusive may not really be accurate: both may be one and the same.

7. Do you feel the need to change someone's opinion. On any topic. Just as long as you know their opinion is not right and it's unjustifiable. Why? Is it because you care about them?

Yes, sometimes (maybe often) I do. I have a fascination with the 'truth' and with 'fact' and often when faced with the opinion of another person which is different from mine, I end up arguing for my point because I usually will not entertain an opinion without having just cause (grounded in fact, for example) and will then do my utmost to show the other person where their opinion is flawed. Sometimes, I realize, opinion is just that - a matter of personal opinion - and you can't force a person to change that. Does it have anything to do with if I care about them? Sometimes. Often it's simply a matter of impersonal debate: right vs. wrong, fact vs. fact.
I do agree though, often I will not bother to continue what could be process of argument, simply because I couldn't care less about what the other person thinks; it's not worth my time and effort.

8. What qualities do you look in a person when you're at your weakest, emotionally.

In my significant other? A rock: supportive, loving, caring, and yet logical and practical. (That said - Hallelujah! I am blessed.)

9. Do you think people who have suffered a lot in the past need to be given any extra favours or special status than those who didn't? In general sense as well as in personal sense. And also do you believe in extending those favours to the successive generations as well? (This last line is specifically for communities)

I think the question is ambiguous.

10. Our isolation or mood swings. Are they a result of the circumstances or just your own pre-assumptions and exaggerated situations in your head?

Circumstances, hormones, perception, list goes on. There isn't just any one cause.

11. Final question. It's tricky! You had proposed to some guy/girl in the past and he/she had rejected it. Now you also dislike that person to the core. If you two were the only beings left on this planet, would you have intercourse? Supposedly you do. Would it be for continuation of human species or just out of umm.. lust ? :P

Nah, I wouldn't. I'm not that desperate. I think I'd have more important things to worry about. 

Oh hello,  no more questions? Woohooo. I am freeeeeeee. Rest of the Award stuff to follow..


  1. Hehe I really love your answers :) MORE QUESTIONS are coming for you!

  2. I was expecting great answers and I got them. :P

    Hold on, Don't Woohoo just as yet. Wait. More questions are definitely your way. :P

  3. Haha both of you! Actually now that I got those done with I don't feel so "homeworky" with having more questions to answer... so bring em on! *gulps*

    1. HomeWork 2 Due Thursday March 27th

    2. Sigh, what a taskmaster!

  4. Never thought you would actually answer my questions. And now that you;ve done answering them, as has Ajay, I am starting to realise how creepy my questions have been. (Note to self- Do not do anything stupid when you've been eating nothing for 2 days )

    1. Well they certainly were intriguing and interesting enough to warrant an effort in answering them! :) Maybe the 'creepiness' was provoking enough to get people to actually try answering.

  5. Congrats on the award! The questions were interesting in a different way but your answers were more interesting :)