Friday, March 21, 2014

Kreativ Blogger Award Part 2

Okay so moving forward, I have to tell you all 11 things about myself. Usually I relish the chance to prattle about my 2nd favourite person (yes, moi), but the thing is, whenever I come to this segment of these award processes I always baulk at what I'm supposed to tell. Anyways here let's try again.

1. I am a very very emotional person, and I cry easily.
2. In person I am very jokey; I say dumb things, make goofy remarks, faces, grin here and there and do the silliest things.
3. I love reaching out to people, making them feel better. This is one of my good points but also detrimental to myself in many cases.
4. I can be a really cold ice-queen bitch if I choose to. When someone loses out in my respect or good terms, it becomes amazingly easy to pull the shutter down on that relationship, black or white.
5. I hold onto emotions, and memories too much. I am attached to attachments too easily.
6. I am extremely idealistic, and will argue an argument to death.
7. 'Not-giving-a-damn' comes very easy to me, it was for the most part who I became for a very long phase. I won an award for most likely to not give a damn.
8.  I care too much too often.
9. I don't swear. Ever. The most I say shit, crap, damn or 'what the hell'.
10. I have been in love with the love of my life for a decade more or less.
11. I have issues with people having habits of extravagance and waste and unhealthfulness.

Ok, that's things, okay done done doneeeeeeeee. Have a great weekend!


  1. number 7 and number 8 present the unique contradiction, which in two sentences explains why i love you so much :D

    1. What? :O You don't love me because of my argumentativeness?:O

  2. You forgot to add "Holy Pakora" in your 'not swearing' line ! Lolzz!
    It was fun reading about the points you had to say about yourself. Well, more because maybe insights to a person's mind are always intriguing ! :)
    By the way it was supposed to be "creative", right? Mujhe matlab ullu banaya gaya? :P

    1. Hehe that's my unswearing trademark! ;) And I don't know. It said "Kreativ" in the picture thingy so I stuck to that!

  3. Nice knowing you in 11 points :) And I find a lot about you very relatable to myself

    1. Thankies Kierthana, I feel the same way often just reading your comments! :)

  4. 3,4,5,7 and 8 - contradictions ka mela!! :p

    Goes to show that when ur pisses with someone, you take great pains to show that you give a damn, but deep inside ur hurting like hell. :) You are emotional indeed


    Do drop by mine.

    1. Haha yup, that is me; a whole pandora box of contradictions and conundrums!

      Thanks for the visit, I've returned the favour! ;)

  5. Hehe if I had read this two years back it would be a getting to know you thing, and it still is to some extent (cause there's always more to a person), but this time reading this was like confirming what I know of you already. I was like "yup, sounds like ma love"