Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This morning when I awoke, I somehow got this beautiful sense of inhaling spring. I know most of you won't be able to comprehend the exact sensation the way I assimilated it since you will have your own climates that make the foundation of what you know weather-wise.

For me, it was that feeling of smelling freshness, in the way the snow melts and the sun bounces off it, the way the breeze seems that much more balmy, and looser. The way it intoxicates the mind with the promise of something yet to come, because right now it's not there yet, but the promise itself is what is intoxicating.

Then I stood for a few moments at the glass door to the backyard, as my kitten did the same, and just soaked up the quiet ambience of pure undiluted sunshine. The 5 feet or so of snow that once filled the yard was diminished, diminishing, now a little section here and there, the scattered remnants of sunflower seeds consumed by our wildlife friends left hulled and empty.

I half closed my eyes, and let myself soak in the sunshine, thinking to myself that yes, it's almost here. But right now it is what is beautiful, and right now is what I shall enjoy.


  1. the smell of earth awakening from its winter slumber and getting ready to spring up from the ground in all shapes sizes and smells :D

  2. Sounds so beautiful that it makes me wish I had been there :)