Saturday, March 15, 2014

Seena Pada

aaj main jism nahin aaj main parchhaayi hoon
har jagah bhir ka sailaab tere chaaron taraf
main apne aap mein simti hui tanhaayi hoon


  1. Kaun hain ye 'main' ? :P

    But beautiful lines! Which song ?

    @Disclaimer : Oh, this comes for every post. I thought it was just for the previous post. Lecturing is all I know and if you are restricting it, I don't know what else to writte. :/ ( #justKidding ) And before you say anything, that is a pretty long disclaimer. I am hoping there is an equally tangible explanation for putting that up. #JustAsking

  2. hmm yes... nice disclaimer... I would have wanted to steal it!