Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back to School 13

"Protection?" Layla stared at him.

"Yes?" Nerdy said tentatively.

"What the hell? Where have you been through all this. Hello! Of course, we used protection. I walk with it everywhere! You were the one complaining when I took it out for you!"

"Oh my God. I wasn't?" Nerdyy wasn't sure if he should sit or stand. His legs were feeling a bit weak, and yet, he wasn't sure it was right to sit on the bed again.

"You forgot it all! Here it is!" She rummaged in her bag again and brandished...her gun. "Here's my protection, my dear sweetcakes! Remember now?" She smiled at him and put her gun down, going back to brushing her hair.

Nerdyy stared at her, trying to untangle his thoughts. She's talking about her gun, so what's that mean? Is she still drunk? 

"Layla, what happened last night?"

"What do you mean, last night? You got soooo drunk man. And then DM- OMG You'll never guess what, I mean who! That bartender, the one who brought you in here when you fell off the table! GUESS WHO HE IS?"

"Oh please, I can't take the suspense. Don't tell me it's Zalim Rapist."

"No! It's DM! Can you believe this?" Layla stopped brushing her hair and sprang out of bed, the blankets falling off. Nerdyy winced and then blinked.

"Layla, your clothes."

Layla looked down at her clothes then looked back up at Nerdyy. "Yes, what about them?"

"They're, err, still on."

"Well, duhhhh! What did you thin-..." She stopped mid-sentence and stared at him. "Nerdyy! Wha...wait." She sat back down.

Nerdyy went and sat down beside her. "Um, nothing happened between you and I, right?"

"NO! Oh come on, no offense but, how would anything happen between us?"

"Err, you're the one with a degree in pulling men, remember. And I was fairly well intoxicated, judging by the throbbing in my head, and the fact I can't remember. But, really. Nothing happened right? I mean, no offense, but nothing can happen, we are, err, in a teacher and student situation."

"Romeyo! This is like...out of a Bollywood movie, man. What even made you think this? Even though I may seem otherwise, am a good girl. I don't do sheet like that."

Nerdy breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God!"

"I know! Thank God! You are pretty damn fit but if anything happened my brother would..."

A phone started ringing. Layla and Nerdyy looked around. Layla rummaged in her bag and pulled out her phone, and looked at the readout.

"Oh no!"



    I KNEW IT !!!!!!!!!!! :p:p:p:p:p

    1. I knew you knew it, it's you afterall who was saying it :P

  2. yes ms student .. i dont fool arnd with ma students ... im an ethical PUNK (prof u nerdyy khan)

    hmm whos calling ... a bhaiyya? :O

  3. Phewwwww, nothing happened :)

    1. Haha yes, Kiara you don't need to close your eyes :P

  4. Gun could have an entirely different meaning had you heard that song " I yam a hunter and she want to see my gun " :O

    1. Lol smarty, that was the underlying connotation just BECAUSE of that song.

  5. Okay, so back to the post at Dreams. I didn't tell my sister yet, but I sent her one of my poems on Facebook (she isn't home right now), but underneath it I wrote, Unknown as the author, umm.

    So when she checks it out, I wonder what I should say.....

    "If I told you I wrote that sis, would you believe me?"

    Good idea? (If no,, oops, I already it sent it, if yes,, yayy)

    1. Wait for her reaction and then just tell her =) or ...rather than my say so, go with your instinct and how it plays out

    2. LOL, I think she saw it, but she never mentioned anything about it, and neither did she message me back.

      I think she thought I accidentally sent it to her! :( Oh well!