Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to School 7

Leaving the body behind a bush, they snuck into a side door by the emergency entrance. Looking through the corridors, they observed the nurses stations and the bustle as doctors and patients travelled through the halls to side rooms.

"Owww!" Nerdy gasped, as Layla elbowed him.

"Romeyoo! Look there, that doctor isn't doing anything. You think we can take her on?"

"Err, taking her on isn't exactly my choice of words, but I guess we can persuade her to look at the cop.."


Layla snuck up behind the doctor, a young looking woman wearing a white lab coat, peering through a clipboard in front an empty room.

The doctor turned around and jumped, startled.

"Hi!" Layla grinned at the doctor, smoothing her hair down.

"Eh. Hello." The doctor eyed Layla's hair that was all tangled with broken leaves.

"Ya. So, I was wonderin...What do you that room?" Layla grinned and nodded towards the room behind the doctor.

"I...Are you a patient?" The doctor looked around for help.

"Me? A patient? Haha, oh my God, no! What makes you think that? I was just, ahm...wonderin, you see!" Layla kept grinning at the doctor. Oh my god, my cheeks are hurting.

"Wondering what I do in this room? Are you didn't esca...I mean, wander here from the psyc ward?" 

"I want to see inside the room. Please please please please please please?" Layla bounced at the doctor.

"Oh for God's sake. Okay, why not? Come on in." The doctor turned around and led Layla into the room.

All of a sudden, the door slammed shut.

The doctor turned around. There was a dead body on the examining table, and no sign of the crazy girl.

"What the..."


Tweak, tweak, tweak, tweak.

"Hahaha," Layla laughed out loud. "See! We did it!"

"Phew! We sure did. I was worried they'd ask me where I was going with my "drunk" friend I was dragging along." Nerdy huffed.

They were riding down the empty road, on the path to freedom once again.

"Layla, do you mind if we take a little breather? I'm sort of winded after that last bit going uphill."

Tweak, tweak,... tweak.

Layla got off the handlebars.

Nerdy dismounted and looked down at the pink tricycle with frilly ribbons.

"You know, I'm pretty sure that we could have just walked away from there. We didn't need to steal this....thing."

"No! Am telling you Romeyo! We had to, there were strange people watchingg us! I saw them watching me! I was feeling so nervous! I swear to god."

"Yeah, but I have never, ever ridden a darn tricycle. I'm a fully grown man! Don't you dare tell anyone about this. If you do I will tell them about how you almost killed that police officer!"

"I did not kill the cop!"

"And robbed the cop also!"

"I did not rob the....Hey, how did you know that?"

"I saw you do it, Lulu.  You walked away with her wallet! That has to be another crime right there!"

"Oh come on! It is not." Layla perched on a rock and opened the wallet. "Oooh, look at all this money!" She took the money out and tossed the wallet aside.

As Layla counted out the bills, Nerdy dropped to the grass and snatched the wallet with his fingers. He idly went through the identification. "Ivy Quicksilver...

"Ivy Quicksilver? What kind of name is that? That has to be a made up name." Nerdy shook his head.

"Yeah well look at your name, Mister birth certificate Nerdyy Khan." Layla kept counting.

"No, there is something about this name. And..." He pulled out the photo identification, and stared at it.

"Holy pastrami! Lulu!" Nerdy jumped up, eyes wide. "Do you know who you just almost killed?!"


  1. LOL Ivy Quicksilver ... Ivy (Super Hawt) Quicksilver :P

    1. Hahaha indeed, my super smart and subtle friend :D

  2. Nice name. :P

    I am guessing some undercop/ FBI/ MI7.! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Geez you just have to spoil it for everyone else doncha lol it had to be you :P

    2. Lol you're so cute

      yes both of you *sigh*

    3. :D Has to be me! ^^ and you're cute as well *Sigh*


  4. :O i took so much time to realise that this is a sequel... anyway i always watch movies or read stories backward... so i am fine with this discovery...

    1. Hahaha yes you're just fine. I do the same often, I start a series of books with like the 5th book, and then end up backtracking...or same with movies yuppp :]