Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to School 8

The doctor was examining the police officer, who was, to her relief, not dead. The symptoms were strange. There were no bodily wounds to be found anywhere, and her heart and ECG signals were normal. But she wouldn't wake up!

The doctor sat down and swivelled to the computer where she sat in thought, tapping the pen to her cheek. This is so strange, yet I know I've seen this before. There was no identification on the body, no one to contact for the Jane Doe who was just in all black attire. Stranger and stranger.

She picked up a phone and made a call. No answer. She dialled again, this time an internal number. 

"Hey it's me. Yes, please. Can you come down to my study room? Yes, by the emerg. Thanks. Hey, don't tell anyone. No, I'll tell you. Just come." She put down the phone and flipped through some notebooks.

The door flew open. She didn't look up, "That was fast."

"Fast? Yeah I know, am fast, I jog every morning so it was easy to race back fast. See I told you Romeyo, am fit and fine."

The doctor spun around. "What!"

The crazy girl and a tall handsome man was with her. "Hey stay away from me! I don't know who you are, but someone is on the way. If you come close I'll... slap you!"

"Hey, hey, hey." Nerdy held up his hands in peace. "Calm down doctor, we're not here to hurt you. We came to see our friend."

"Your friend? What kind of person dumps their friend's body and runs away?"

"Rasgullahhhh!" Layla ran to the police officer. "Wake up please! I didn't mean to hurt you! I thought you were a police officer so I had to run! Oh my God! Is she okay?"

"I don't know, to be hone-"

The door opened again, admitting another fellow in white lab coat.

"Who is that!" Layla backed up suddenly. "What's he doin' ere? He can't be here!"

"This is my um, colleague. I called him to check on your friend."

"You don't know what's wrong with her?" Nerdy looked worried, perching on a stool to the side. Layla sat on the examining table by the police officer.

"No, I'm not a doctor you see. I'm just an intern, sort of."

"What! What a waste of talent man! I thought you were a doctor so I was acting so well!" Layla rolled her eyes.

"Listen, something is wrong with her. I have a feeling I know what. So if you don't mind..." The intern motioned to her colleague.

"I'm sensing the consciousness is being filtered into a subliminal state of the oblivion and the soul is incurring negative vibrations through the pituitary gland with cross interference from another frequency."

"Say WHAT?" Nerdy and Layla made faces.

"I think what Jiya is trying to say," the colleague said thoughtfully."There exists some causality which is undermined by a force, most likely electromagnetic, that has disrupted the processing of her consciousness."

"Jiya?" Layla stared in shock. 

"Yes?" Jiya looked around nervous. "Are you going to kidnap me now that you know my name?"

"Romeyo, it's Jiya!" Layla looked over at Nerdy.

"Who's Jiya?" Nerdy scratched his head.

"I'm Jiya!" Jiya looked around indignantly. 

"Jiyaaa! It's me Layla!"

"Layla who?" Jiya looked around uncertainly.

"Uh excuse me, but who are you people exactly?" Jiya's colleague asked.

"Oh my God! I don't believe this! I'm Layla and this is my hero, Romeyo! Sorry, I mean Nerdy."

"Layla....Nerdy?" the colleague repeated, bemused.

"Layla and Nerdy?" Jiya's jaw dropped open. "No. You're lying. Who are you? This is a big joke right? I know it, where are the cameras?"

"Jiyaa, I don't think this is a joke. I feel it must be them."

"Err, you know us?" Nerdy looked at Jiya's colleague.

"Not really. No, not as well as Jiya does. I'm Ether, and it's okay if you don't know who I am." Ether smiled at everyone benignly. 

"Laylaa and Nerdyy?" Jiya still looked shocked.

"AS I WAS SAYING BEFORE I WAS SO RUDELY INTERRUPTED. Three point one four one five nine two six five three five eight nine seven nine three two three eight four six.."

"Oh my God she's awake!" Layla looked at the police officer. Everyone rushed over.

"Three three eight three two seven nine five.."

Jiya examined her. "No, she's not really awake. She's conscious but not lucid."

"Two eight eight four one nine seven one six nine three nine."

"Oh my god shut her up! I can't hear all these numbers! Givin' me a headache!" Layla looked around and grabbed a bedpan.




  1. LOL ..did lulu just whack a comatose rasgullah with a bedpan :O

    this story has become very interesting .. its not just a laugh riot anymore :P

    1. :B When it comes to attention deficit people who'd rather not read long, there has to be a real laugh riot to reel them in right:P

  2. Interesting.. interesting.!

    How do you get so much time?
    I mean you are updating too frequently. #JustCurious.

    I am totally free and am becoming too lazy to write. :/

    1. It doesn't actually take me long to write this stuff haha.. I just let my fingers fly :P

    2. Is it what I said that the next post is being delayed?

    3. Hahaha NOOOO! I'm usually all tied up and busy on weekends, I hardly get to my laptop really.

    4. :O all tied up n busy ... pray elaborate :wicked_smile

    5. LOL you had to pick that up didn't you

    6. hmm .. wud i be me if i didnt :P


  4. Replies
    1. Yeah and bang me with the bedpan with love why don't you :P

    2. LOLLLLLLLLL ... err ms IQ u do get the irony of this dont u :P


  5. wheres the next installment :scowl

    1. Oye bachaman it's incoming, just shut up and enjoy your weekend will ya :P

  6. Beedu seems to be very voilent and impatient in your stories so far hahaha :P aww poor you reciting numbers in a half conscious state and to get banged with a bedpan :O hmphh I no likes but I'm sure you will get your revenge LOL

    1. Lol@ voilent. She's a truuue gangsta, yo :P In heels ;)

      hehe revenge...even in reality she bangs my head up when she has blog pain, and I don't get revenge:(

    2. Aww Little Beedu Basanti a gangsta Lol

      What exactly is blog pain? :ehm

  7. GOSH!... that was too crative... I just love the negetive cross interference on pitutary... is there an option to make the comments invisible to one particular person so that people donot make such nice satire... :P

    but actually what happened to the police officer? :?

    1. Lolll Ether :P That's why everyone's waiting for the next episodes, methinks :D

  8. REVENGEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM SCARED NOW BEEDU!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

    I AINT NO VOILENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AM 100% FRDLY!!!!!!!!!

    BUBBLIEST GYAAAL U EVER MET IN UR LIFEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3

    1. Lol @ Beedu and Smoke. Its VIOLENT...gosh both of you! And yes Layls, you're 100% Eco Friendly..:P

    2. Omg how did I make that error :O Violent!!!ofcourse LOL wth... *hangs head in shame*

      Beedu, don't lie... you ain't scared of nothing :D you're def. bubbly like them fizzy drinks :P

  9. LOL "Yes pls" = Key whenever we're involved :P ..I was expecting it somewhere.
    Hahaha I'll..SLAP UUUUUUUUU.. has now become the greatest threat to all man-kind :P
    LOLLL @ Rasgullah
    "I'm just an intern, 'sort of'" HAHAHAHA
    LMAO @ the terms pertaining to the soul & vibrations of the Universe.. you just hadddd to!!
    hehe..cameras :P
    LOLLLL @ all your numbers.. sooo youuu!!
    + The bang on the head hahaha.. nice TOUCH!
    I LOVE THISSSS!! Everyone is described perfect to their personality :)

    1. Loooooool Boondi :D YES PLEASE, I just had to :P Thank you Jz :D

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    1. :O WOWWWWWWWWWWWW thank you so much AJ! :D