Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to School 14

‘Where the heck are you?’ The voice came over the speaker.

‘Ummm,’ Layla looked sideways at Nerdy and gulped.

‘What umm? You know you have an exam tomorrow? You should be home sleeping.’

‘Exam?’ Layla was baffled. ‘What exam? I don’t have any exam! Classes just started.’

‘Economics. You had the class today. Anyways, where are you, I’ll pick you up.’

‘Umm,’ Layla gulped again.

‘Okay, nevermind. Get home now!”

Layla breathed a sigh of relief as the call was disconnected.

‘Err, what was that about? Who was that?’ Nerdyy asked.

‘You don’t wanna know,” Layla fanned herself. ‘That was such a close call. If he found out I was with you, oh man, he would blow his top.’

‘Err, your boyfriend?’

Layla burst out laughing. ‘No ways! That was definitely not my boyfriend.’

‘Then who was it?’

‘Umm,’ Layla looked around shiftily.

‘Ok you don’t want to tell me. By the way, he’s right. I’m giving you guys an exam tomorrow.’

‘What the beep, man. Why you doing that for? Are you nuts?’ Layla threw a dirty look at Nerdy.

‘It was in the pre-class announcements. You had weeks to prepare, Lulu. Speaking of which, I need to get back and prepare for the exam myself.’

Nerdy was at the door. It wouldn’t open. ‘This darn thing is locked! Did you say DM gave us this room?’ He struggled with the door, trying to force it.

‘I’ll shoot you Romeyo! How dare you give meeee an exam! Meh!’

‘For gods sake, Lulu. The door won’t open. Forget about going to the exam, you’re not going to get to go anywhere!’

‘What are you talking about? I will open it, move aside. Watch the professional.’

‘Lulu, you’re half my size,I hardly thi-‘

He stopped as Layla shot the door handle off. She threw him a triumphant look and grabbed her bag and pulled the door open with a flourish.

‘How the hell does a pellet gun do all that?’ Nerdy grumbled behind her.

‘Nerdy…come ‘ere.’ Layla’s voice has a strange tone.

‘Hold on a sec, I’m just grabbing a few things.’ Nerdy replied as he grabbed a satchel and filled it with a few new bottles. ‘1879 single malt, what a year!’

‘Come HERE, Nerdyy!’ Layla’s voice was more insistent now. Nerdyy came up behind her.

‘What is it, Lulu?’


Nerdy looked.

They were in the middle of nowhere.


  1. WOAH! ☺

    Stranded Laylaa has an exam to writeee!

  2. i sense hatter and march hare round the corner :P

    mmm 1879 macallan? oban? dm will be pissed that im purloining his maal :D

  3. Replies

  4. IQQQ

    Today after my sister made her blog, I told her about mine.

    I showed her some other blogs, specifically to show her how blogging works and all.

    She was a little weirded out because she felt like I was talking to strangers and it was unsafe of me to do that, but I continued showing her things in excitement.

    She asked me why your name is IQ, I decided showing one of your posts would be self explanatory.

    She read your poem, Grief, and was left awestruck when she couldn't understand a word.

    That's when I said, "that's why her name is IQ"


    Anyways, I plan to introduce you to her blog soon, whenever she feels comfortable. LOL


    1. :O *faints*

      I be back later when I'm at work :O Good morning! :O :D

    2. Good Morning Good morningggggg!!!