Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to School 15

Layla hit redial.


‘Hey, it's me again.’ Layla said.

‘No really? I really didn't know. I saw my caller display saying Layla and I thought maybe it was Mallika Sherawat calling me.’

‘Listen, I don't need your sarcasm right now! I don't know where the hell I am, or how to get out!’ Layla was trying to keep calm.

‘What do you mean? Where are you?’

‘I told you! Aren't you listening to me! I. Don't. Know! I have that bloody exam tomorrow and I can't get there!’

‘No no. Don't try that with me. No excuses. I will ask you once more only, where are you?’

‘For fudge's sake man! You're bloody useless!’

‘Don't yell at me Layls, just look around you, what do you see?’

Layla looked around her. ‘I see...sand.’

‘What do you mean you see sand? Who asked you to go to the beach?’ The voice on the phone intoned.

‘No! Just sand, only sand. Like it's a bloody desert in the middle of nowhere!’

‘Don't lie to me.’

‘ I swear to God! I am not lying to you. There's sand as far as I can see. No point even trying to walk. It's just sand, sand, sand!’

‘Hmm. You got drunk?’

‘Ye...NO! I'm telling you! You're not listening to me! ARGGGGH’ Layla threw her phone as hard as she could. It went sailing like a sixer, slammed into a sand dune with a crash, and bounced straight off.

Nerdy sat up from where he was slumped on the sand.

‘What the hell? How's that possible.’ He walked closer to inspect the sand dune. Although there was sand all over the ground, he had a vague disturbing feeling. The sand was piling up against the same spot where the phone has smashed into, but in a very strange way, almost as if it was separate from the dune. He peered close, feeling the sand at his feet and then suddenly the dune opened out and before he could think, his head was slammed and he reeled backwards holding his head.

‘What the heck?’ He blinked away the faint stars buzzing in his vision. The sand dune had just opened up into a door!

‘What the f-!’ Layla swore from behind him.

A man entered, and closed the door behind him. He was holding a covered tray, and he walked over to a large hill of sand, pulled out a device and hit a button. The sand fell away, revealing a table and chairs. He set the tray down and motioned to Layla to join him.

Nerdy eyed the man as he was busy at the table, and reaching behind him, he scrabbled with his fingers to find the door. A crack, a handle, anything. His fingers weren't finding anything. He shot another look at the others then turned and frantically looked for the door. It was totally gone.

‘Ahem. If you would be so kind as to be seated?’ A voice spoke from right behind him. Nerdy froze and turned around, to come face to face with the tall man.

‘Err, sure, why ah.. not.’ Nerdyy managed. He shot a look at Layla in the background. Layla was gesturing frantically at the man's back, pointing and making strange faces. Nerdy couldn't understand a bit of it. He made a face back at her . The man raised an eyebrow, then turned to look at Layla. That was all Nerdyy needed. He jumped at the man, going for his neck. The man twisted and pushed Nerdy down. Nerdy tried kicking out at the man's legs and got a blow to his knees.

The man growled and winced. 'Don't make me hurt you, please.'

'Who's the one getting hurt, huh!' Layla taunted him. 'My hero can beat you anyday!'

The man frowned at her.

'Err, please don't say that Diyah.' Nerdyy said. 'I really need to hit the gym soon. So I'd rather not get hurt either.'

'Smart man.' The man put out a hand and helped Nerdyy up. 

'So, if you don't want to hurt us, what are you doing with us?' Nerdyy questioned as they walked to join Layla at the table.

The man reached into his pocket. 

'HEY! Don't even think about it pal!' Layla had her gun aimed at the man's head. She shuffled on her feet. 'You may be big and tough but trust me, I know how to shoot this gun!'

'Yes, she definitely does.' Nerdyy said.

'Oh I don't I know it.' The man rolled his eyes. 'Calm down, will you?' He slowly eased his hand out of his pocket, pulling out a little bottle.

'Hey. What's that, huh?' Layla looked suspiciously at the little bottle. The man clicked a top and squirted  clear fluid into his hands, rubbing his hands together briskly.

'Hand sanitzer.'


  1. LOL hand sanitizer ... i see the fussy person has made an entrance .. and yeah im pretty sure abt the sarcastic one :P

    n i was right about the alice in wonderland scenario :D

    1. I knew you'd get it ;) and yes, I love kaleidoscopic worlds;)

  2. LOL.

    Someday, Christopher Nolan will definitely contact you to make a movie of this. :P

    1. Hahaha. Ajay if that happens, I'll send you $500.

  3. LOL

    @Ajay: Moviee!!! This might just make an amazing movie!

    1. Considering how awfully books are being slaughtered in movies ... I don't know how much this story would remain THIS story lol.

  4. :O Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy LOL