Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Four unproductive days. That's more than enough luxury for me. Or so I thought, until  I woke up at 6.30 before the fated Alarm-That-Never-Gets-To-Ring rang. "Oh dear lord, not work.." All of a sudden, the four days weren't long enough. I so did not want to crawl out of bed and begin the process of waking up.

As I sat up sleepily and rubbed my eyes, I went through the many possibilities that I encountered at that juncture in time. I could perhaps call in sick? No, that won't work. Faint memories of a dream where I was at work and being told off by a boss who usually doesn't tell me off glimmered at me. I shook more sleep out of my head. Maybe Isaac happened to dance himself all the way from south USA? Eh, yeah sure. I glaced hopefully at my curtain-drawn windows, because although curtain-drawn, I could tell it was boding rain out there. Don't ask me how. Superpowers.

I kind of don't remember what else I told myself, but I did finally get myself out of bed, after a few minutes of stretching. Out of the shower again, I had one of those irksome humid mornings where nothing I put on felt comfortable enough. Why oh why could I not just wear my pyjamas? I froze in thought, when I realized that my pjs just consisted of a single tee. Erm, yeah, ok IQ, you're not showing up at work in just that. Get your clothes on and quit fussing.

Rain man, it's been raining. Gloriously, I might say, except, the whole way to work I was sleeping.


  1. Felt exactly the same as you
    this morning!!

    School started :(

    1. It's the starting momentum though isn't it. You're going to love being at school :D

  2. I never feel anything of this sort when I wake up. Okay maybe when I know I haven't got enough sleep ::blink